The Story of Clothed In Faith

The beginning 

Welcome Everyone! I’m Saffira Issa, the founder of Clothed in Faith. We are on a mission to share purpose, hope, and love to a lost world. Here is my story.

On March 10th, 2018 my life forever changed. I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and my Savior because I can see how God is working in my own life, especially rescuing me from myself and my sin. Grace brought me here and by Grace I will get through. There is just something incredibly hopeful about a fresh start.

I was always super quiet and to myself, I always had to pretend to be someone I was not, pretend I would  enjoy going out and what not just to make friends and not look like the weird boring person. I would always feel this complete emptiness inside me that could not be filled or satisfied.

All this changed the day I met Isaac. From the beginning in our relationship, he would tell me that he is a Christian. The more time I spend with him, the more interest I started getting to know more about the Gospel. One day he invited me to go to church with him and I said yes. The second I walked into ARISE Miami I just fell in love with the atmosphere and the people. Everyone was so kind to me and showed so much love.

Fast forward to today, I can say that I am feeling truly free. Free to be myself without pretending to be someone I am not just to look cool. What I feel now is total peace, joy and just overflowing with love. It's the Holy Spirit that draws us to Christ and its the Holy Spirit that fills us.

The Dream

All my life, I knew my purpose was to influence people in a positive way. My faith in God is what I value the most, and I just want for all the world to hear about what He has done for them.

I struggle in sharing my faith at times, and I had the idea of creating jewelry and apparel that would open doors to easily sharing my faith with others. I know that it's not just me that struggles with this, so I have no doubt that this will help many people.

Something as simple as a bracelet can serve as a great tool in sharing our faith in God with others. When someone asks about a bracelet we’re wearing, we have an incredible opportunity to explain what it means to us and what the purpose of it is. A simple "hey I like your bracelet" could turn into a life-changing experience for that person.

The name Clothed in Faith represents how we, as Christians, are never done growing. Clothed in our apparel and accessories will serve as a daily reminder that we have to constantly strive to increase our faith, to take our relationship with God to the next level and to share our faith with others.